Survivors of war

In wording our stories we begin to heal

Projektansvarig: Omaima Jaloul

My name is Omaima Jaloul.

I come from Damascus, so like you I’m a survivor of the war in Syria.
And like you I’ve had my share of losses and sorrows.

This project is my way of addressing our need to support each other by suggesting writing as a curative tool that we have access to.

Should we write to ourselves or share our stories with each other or the world.
Many of us are suffering the consequences of carrying heavy emotional burdens and past traumas.
Anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, difficulty to cope, loneliness, missing, remembering, pressure to move on and build a life again in completely new world. Right?
I know how difficult it can be to have the time to prioritise taking care of our mental health. It’s even more difficult to talk to a therapist from a different background, in a new language. Right?

I did my research, spoke to a therapist and interviewed some of us Syrians living here. In the end I wrote this letter inviting people and giving them some guide to write their stories. Hoping to initiate an act of reconnecting, with ourselves and each other, in this way of social support.

I also created a printed artefact inspired by our stories and the things I found mostly haunt us.
I invite you to a copy of this artefact to let you know you’re not alone, and so you can write your story as well.